Hi there,

Hi there,

I'm Alex. I currently lead the product team at KRFTWRK. Select clients across my freelance and full time career are Caviar, Figma, Harbourfront Centre, and Tucows âœĻ


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Product designer, community builder, and occasional design educator based in Toronto, ON.

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Alex has been fantastic as a teacher, community leader and designer for the Friends of Figma community!

Rogie King, Designer Advocate @ Figma


Alex is a very thoughtful product designer with an impressive ability to see the larger picture. He's also a very good speaker and presenter, together with his unique sense of humour this ability was particularly instrumental in helping us to get wider awareness and collaboration across teams. I'll miss working with him and sure I'll hear of big things from him.

Alex Miretski, VP of Design @ Tucows


I had the pleasure of working with Alex as Medchart experienced a time of exponential change and growth. During this period Alex showed exceptional attention to detail and a passion for how our customers experienced Medchart. From best practices in user experience to ensuring accessibility standards, Alex took a constant self-directed initiative to ensure the customer came first. This knowledge and passion were coupled with an ability to work cross-functionally with development and customer success teams to manage the full flow of product design from inception to creation. Alex's overhaul of Medchart's design system and branding were valuable assets to our growth and development.

Alex Hrynkiewicz, Senior Director of Revenue Operations @ MedChart